Messages for Humanity Channeled from God, Jesus Christ, Krion, Yagananda, Michael of the Sword and others



Stories from the Heart of God

As Channeled by Don and Norma Menhennett


The Secret

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The Secret Continued .... page 10


Jesus – “This question and earlier ones that you have asked are explained by Kryon. All are energies, as he is; he has never taken on the human form but supports your planet in many ways; to continue with your question.

The physical universe much life your own planet, must have balance, and this balance is represented in any shades of energy. The shades of energy we speak of are different shades of love; just like on earth. Some of you will call certain shades negative energy, but it isn’t. All balance is simply shades of love. There is a pushing and pulling regarding the different shades of love in the universe, just like on earth.

There is another creative event happening, another “Bang” twelve billion light years away and it was scheduled for “Now”. It always was scheduled for “Now”. As your astronomers are reporting and seeing is indeed the evidence of another “Bang”. It is another creative event, in the process of making another part of the universe. It will be added to your universe just like all the other creative events were.

It is a five million year plan. Old souls are from the great central sun and there is sacredness in this message.

Tens of thousands of years ago, you offered to come to this planet and disguise yourselves with duality; an energy, posturing the human being, which would keep you from seeing who you really were (are). It has worked well, for it has represented you with an even, unbiased playing field that is neutral in is energy potential and the challenge is thus.

If left alone in this test without any spiritual interference where would the energy go on earth? You are not the experiment, over these thousands of years of coming and going. Energy is the test. You are the experimenters, facilitating the work of the test.

The energy of the creative event, twelve billion light years away is incomplete. The birth of matter and the billion of life forms that will develop in that portion of space is incomplete. There is something missing. What spiritual energy is this new universe going to have? What kind of shade of love is it going to have and who will decide that?

If God is to make that decision, there would be a biased in love. God cannot make that decision. The universe must have balance and to paste a high love energy on this new creative event is a biased decision. The things God cannot do it to lie or hat or make that unbiased decision.

It was decided that a planet would be created with life designed in neutrality and hidden appropriately; so that souls from the great Central sun could populate it. Over tens of thousands of years so as to achieve a test of spiritual unbiased.

They would come to earth to have hidden from them, who they were. Part of their core biology would be given by others in the physical universe along what way to help balance their spiritual evolution. They would walk the human form dies in human form and be reborn, die and be reborn. There would be a quick turn over of life; biological bodies designed to last 950 years would only receive 30 at first, then over time 70 or 80. Pre-programmed spiritual information within human DNA would create, death and disease and ageing. Residues from one life would follow the next, creating tests that would be either resolved or unresolved with the energy being tested.



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